March 21, 2003

Opposition FNLA near reunification

Angola's opposition FNLA party secretary general Ngola Kabango said Thursday, January 20, in Luanda that political leaders from the two factions led by Holden Roberto and Lucas Ngonda respectively are busy working for reunification. Holden Roberto's faction's secretary general said as well that the negotiation that started in 2002, is currenty under mediation by the Angola's Inter-Ecclesiastic Commission for Peace (COIEPA), represented by its chairman, Rev. Toni Nzinga. According to Ngola Kabango, the commission is doing its best towards a true openess and approximation, so the two-faction split FNLA pulls together and becomes a strong party thereby better contributing to the reconciliation and national reconstruction.

An optimistic secretary general, Ngola Kabango stressed that the party intends to recover its historic part, through a more active participation in the country's reconciliation process. To this end, he announced that FNLA will duly submit to the Angolan Government a programme outlining the priorities that includes de-mining, repair of bridges and roads with a view to facilitating circulation throughout the country and boost agricultural production.

Historic FNLA which with the support of Zaire’s then dictatur Mobutu has fought the MPLA government split into two factions in 1998, following a reform movement led by sociologist Lucas Ngonda that culminated in his election into the party leadership, which was rejected by veteran Holden Roberto and his aides. The Ngonda-led faction justified the reforms saying they are aimed at ridding the party from the idleness it was in since 1998, owed to Holden Roberto's apathy, and return his (Roberto) historic height in the national and international politics. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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