July 24, 2003

Lack of teachers leaves 9000 children out of school in Benguela

At least 9000 children at Yambala commune in Cubal district 140km of southern-west Benguela city are out of the education system due to the shortage of teachers, five months after the beginning of the current school year. The Education official in that locality, Mr Victorino Kamundondo, said that it is needed about 320 new teachers to teach in 47 out of 56 class rooms. Yambala commune, he explained, counts only with 162 teachers for about 6,772 students enrolled in the primary education, which is the only existing level currently in the region. Cubal district will receive, yet this year, an estimated 700 new teachers (less than 600 of the required), in the framework of the public bid held last June, whose results will be known in the next days. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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