August 27, 2003

New National Flag and old Insignia

The Constitutional Commission of the National Assembly (Angolan parliament) tasked to draft the future constitution for the country adopted today, August 27, in Luanda the old and actual Insignia of the Republic, and the new National Flag.

The flag has a rectangular shape measuring 180 centimetres long and 120 centimetres wide, divided in five horizontal strips. The top and bottom strips are dark blue, measuring 20 centimetres wide each. The two intermediate strips are white with 10 centimetres wide each, whereas the central one measuring 60 centimetres of width is blood-red. The middle red strip carries the picture of a 15-ray yellowish sun comprising three irregular concentric circles inspired on the ancestral Tchitundo-Hulu rocks paintings of the country's Southwestern Namibe province.

The meanings of the future National Flag was explained by ruling MPLA party deputy, Ana Maria de Oliveira, who coordinated the sub-commission for the National Symbols. The blue strips represent Freedom, Justice and Solidarity whereas the white ones stand for Peace, Unity and Harmony. The red strip represents Sacrifice, tenacity and heroism, whereas the sun represents the historical and cultural identity and the riches of Angola.

The new (and old) Insignia of the Republic comprises representations of maize, coffee and cotton tree leaves and a section of a bronze-coloured cogwheel. These elements represent farming and industrial production respectively, as fundamental sectors of the Angolan economy. At the bottom of the above mentioned elements there is an open book, representing education, culture, a rising sun with its rays against a sky blue that stand for the rising of the new Nation and people's wisdom. At the centre of the Insignia there is a cutlass and a hoe representing the rural work and a homage to the National Heroes. On top there is a golden yellow star standing for the riches of the country and progress. At the bottom of the Insignia there is a golden section that bears the inscription "REPÚBLICA DE ANGOLA" (REPUBLIC OF Angola).

Last February the Constitutional Commission got a report about the results obtained by the Sub-Commission for National Symbols, coordinated by the deputy Ana Maria de Oliveira, having the sub-commission selected from a series of public proposals three samples each for the country's new Flag, Insignia and National Anthem. About 288 citizens have run for the contest with their proposals out of which came the last three samples for each subject (Flag, Insignia and Anthem). The winners will receive a medal and a monetary amount in national currency equivalent to 20.000 US Dollars.

The Constitutional Commission is made up of 44 members and was created in 1998 to be in charge of drafting the country's new constitutional text which is now at an advanced stage of elaboration. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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