October 15, 2003

Opposition parties press for electoral political agenda

The Angolan coalition of Civil Opposition Parties (POC) insisted on the idea that "The nation's living forces" should outline a "Political Agenda" to be in force until the next general elections in country should take place in September 2004.

On a statement sent on the occasion of the opening of the legislative year 2003/2004, the POC suggested that the National Assembly should be engaged in the tasks relating to the preparation of the legislative, presidential and autarchic elections.

The date for the next elections in the country has not yet been set, but the POC- which is a coalition of 15 political parties, created in 1994 by Paulino Pinto Joao- have oftentimes reiterated the opinion that the suffrage should be held in 2004, preceded by a "Multiparty Meeting".

In the meantime, UNITA President Samakuva has announced his candidature to the next presidential elections in the country, thus becoming the 5th official candidate. He follows Vicente Pinto De Andrade, and independent candidate, Carlos Contreiras, from the Republican Party of Angola (PREA), Analia De Vitoria Pereira, from the Democratic Liberal Party (PLD), and Reverend Feliciano Loa, from the Afro-European Congregation (another independent candidate). Although it is not yet scheduled, experts believe the next general elections in Angola will happen in 2005. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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