October 23, 2003

EU to support food security

The European Union (EU) is to commit about US$ 17.7 million to strengthen food security in Malawi, which recently emerged from a national food shortage. "With the drafting of a new policy, we hope that within the next three to four years the country will be food secure," EU spokesman Charles Undulu said. The EU funds will go towards providing nutritional support to vulnerable groups such as people affected by HIV/AIDS, women and children.

Undulu confirmed that approximately US$ 12.9 million would be used to implement the country's food security and nutrition policy, US$ 11.8 million to the strategic grain reserves and about US$ 1.8 million for trade improvement measures. The rest would be used to improve household incomes and for nutritional support. The Multi-Annual Food Security Programme will run from 2004 until 2007. (IRIN)


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