November 5, 2003

Government spent over M4 Million on Leon Commission

The government of Lesotho has spent over M4 million to run and support the Leon Commission that was set up to investigate the 1998 political riots that saw the intervention of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) military forces in Lesotho. The money was spent on running costs, transport for the commissioners and witnesses, accommodation and meals for the commissioners and inspection of the places affected by the 1998 political riots.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Training, Lesao Lehohla, told the National Assembly that the number of people so far brought before the courts of law as a result of the findings of the Commission was 47. 14 were about to face charges before the courts of law. He furthermore indicated that government was intending to bring to book all the people suspected of having taken part in the political riots of 1998 that reduced Maseru and other towns to rubble and ashes.

The Deputy Prime Minister also announced that no amnesty was implemented for people suspected of playing a role in the 1998 riots and that re-training programmes were already underway within the army, the police and the National Security Service (NSS) to ensure their professionalism and their role in a democratic setting. (Mopheme/The Survivor, Maseru)


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