December 4, 2003

Large-scale de-mining projects to be launched

Since the widespread use of landmines in Angola's decades-long civil war still remains a major obstacle to the resumption of normal life, the UN has launched its global Portfolio of Mine Action Projects 2004 to give "a unique picture of the urgent requirements for mine action activities in Angola and 35 other mine-affected countries".

The issue of de-mining has been made a priority in the country. "The government has demonstrated a higher level of engagement and political will through the activities developed by the National Intersectoral Commission for Demining and Humanitarian Assistance (CNIDAH), which aim at coordinating and regulating the mine action sector in Angola," the UN noted.

The primary goals for Angola in the 2004 Portfolio are to enable the reintegration and sustainable livelihood of the population, improve coordination among partners in the sector, and gradually expand and sustain mine action operational activities.

"At national level, the 2004 Mine Action Portfolio for Angola was coordinated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in close partnership with the CNIDAH, UNICEF (UN Children's Fund), WHO (World Health Organisation), mine action NGOs and OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)." The 2004 portfolio presents the strategies and objectives for a total of 32 projects costing US $24.7 million, proposed by partners for dealing with the mine menace in Angola. (IRIN)


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