January 7, 2004

Doctors end strike and accept new salaries

All junior and middle-level doctors have ended a two-month strike after agreeing to a 250 percent salary increment offered by the Government. Both the doctors and their employer, the Public Service Commission (PSC), however, refused to divulge the new salary structures. Hospital Doctors Association President Dr Phibion Manyanga confirmed that doctors had resolved to return to work after agreeing to what they described as an "acceptable package". "The new salary structures that were tabled before us are only acceptable for this period and we hope there would be another review of our salaries by the end of February in order for us to cushion ourselves against the escalating cost of living," said Dr Manyanga.
Zimbabwe Nurses Association president Mrs Abigail Kurangwa also urged those nurses who went on strike in November last year and demanding a review of their salaries to report for work. She said a reasonable number of nurses had resumed duties and the association was persuading the rest to report for work. "Negotiations are still ongoing and we are trying to convince our employer, the PSC to review our salaries," said Mrs Kurangwa. (The Herald, Harare)


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