January 7, 2004

US$ 500 million needed for waters investment programmes

At least US$ 500 million are required to be invested in waters development programmes in the country, Angola's cabinet council announced. One of the programmes is a "long term" one lasting until 2016, while another one is "short term" that is to go till 2007. The whole investment includes the establishment of a Hydro Resources Institute, as an organ of technical support for the National Council of Waters that will be tasked to promote the efficient development of the hydro resources. Also under the programme is the rehabilitation and expansion of the water supplying system and of the residual water drainage from the urban and rural centres.

The development of management structures, training of qualified workmen and the amelioration of the legal and institutional framework of support of the sector, are also part of the aims of the project. With the actions contained in the referred programme, the Government is seeking to reach international targets set by the United Nations on the sustainable development meeting held in 2000. The programme is also part of the Government's Global Development and Poverty Reduction effort. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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