February 5, 2004

Opposition Mgode party split

Movement for Genuine Democratic Change (Mgode) is torn into two camps with differing political ideologies, each one of them claiming to be genuine. The first camp of the Alliance for democracy (Aford) to break away is headed by its Secretary General Greene Rulilo Mwamondwe and his fellow MP, Nelson Kampunga Mwafulirwa while the dissenting camp is headed by interim chairman Du Mhango. It has been revealed that the Mwamondwe part, referring to itself as the mainstream camp, sympathises with National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the two parties hold rallies together in the North while the Mhango camp claims to be genuine and independent of any political grouping.
The January 23 signing of Mgwirizano Coalition Memorandum of Understanding had highlighted the major differences in the party when two separate letters, signed by Mhango and Mwamondwe respectively, carried conflicting messages to the ceremony confusing the coalition steering committee headed by Harry Chiume, president of National Unity Party. The letter signed by Mwamondwe said Mgode would not sign the agreement on grounds that there were many flaws in the memorandum. (Malawi Standard, Blantyre)


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