May 12, 2004

Opposition suspends participation at Parliament's Constitutional Commission

The representatives of the opposition parties in the Parliament have decided to suspend their participation in the works of the National Assembly's Constitutional Commission (CC), unless President dos Santos summons a consultative forum of political forces, aiming to approve a time-table for the holding of the next elections in the country. The manifest is part of a statement read by UNITA Parliament Whip, Jeronimo Wanga, after leaving the session, summoned for the analysis of the draft-bill on the constitution elaborated by a technical team.

The statement says that the political context prevailing in the country is of continuous adjournment for the holding of general elections, whose achievement would enable the institutional normalization. The Constitutional Commission integrates 44 MPs, being 25 of the ruling MPLA, UNITA 15, FNLA, PRS and PLD with one each, while PAJOCA, PNDA, PSD, PDP-ANA, PRD and AD-Coligação are represented by a single deputy. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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