May 21, 2004

Frelimo victory confirmed in Xai-Xai

With results in from all 84 polling stations, it is clear that the ruling Frelimo Party has won its expected overwhelming victory in the by-election for the post of major of the southern city of Xai-Xai - but on a very poor turnout. Figures issued by the Xai-Xai city elections commission showed that Frelimo candidate Rita Muianga had won, with 13.469 votes (95.2 per cent of all valid votes). Lying a very distant second was Arlindo Pareque, of Renamo, with 409 votes (2.9 per cent). The third candidate, the independent Fernando Paulo, only took 269 votes (1.9 per cent). Including those who cast invalid and blank ballots, a total of 14.701 Xai-Xai citizens voted - a turnout of only 26.7 per cent. This is a significant decline on the 36.4 per cent turnout during the municipal elections of November 2003. (Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique, Maputo)


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