July 15, 2004

MPLA and UNITA for permanent dialogue

Angola's ruling MPLA and main opposition UNITA parties will from now on meet regularly to discuss matters contributing to the strengthening of trust between them and to the consolidation of peace and national reconciliation, MPLA information secretary, Norberto dos Santos "Kwata Kanawa", has announced. According to him, the parties would also meet regularly in the quest for consensus and concert on matters of interest of the Nation. He said that the parties discussed pertinent issues whose implementation would enable a larger dialogue between the sides at all levels, in order to overcome divergences that could arise. "We believes that now on we will try to hold a greater number of contacts so that we change opinions on the resolution of problems that can arise at first hand and between the institutions," Kwata Kanawa stated.

On the other hand, this point of view was backed by his UNITA colleague, Adalberto da Costa Junior, who underlined that the meeting served to clarify in a right and frontal way, matters of national interest which must be dealt with regularly. "In a very objective way, tabled were proposals that guarantee the stability and functioning within the very institutional space and transmit trust both within the populations and the parties involved," he said. Before the agreement before the two parties, UNITA had raised concern over incidents of intimidation of its members by individuals allegedly belonging to MPLA militia groups. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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