July 27, 2004

Education ministry to count teachers across the country

The Education Ministry has admitted that it does not know how many teachers it was employing, and thus worried that it might be paying the same person more than once. According to a report, the Ministry was soon to register all teachers across the country, in a bid to facilitate staff management and to prevent paying anybody twice. Education Minister Alcido Nguenha said that a public tender has been launched to select private companies to update the data on the country's teachers. However, he denied reports that there were "ghost" teachers anywhere in the country. "What I know is happening in the education sector is that there are problems related to staff management", he said. "There are teachers who work during the day and again at night, and they are paid by the same Mozambican state. They are being paid twice". (Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique, Maputo)


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