September 19, 2004

Election date set for October 30

President Festus Mogae has made the long awaited announcement concerning the date for the 2004 general elections, which will be held on October 30. According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) secretary Gabriel Seeletso, the Commission was ready to conduct the general elections. The date for nomination of parliamentary candidates has been further set for October 4. According to Seeletso, each and every polling station has to have five persons assisting with the conduct of elections, adding that the IEC was not sufficiently staffed to man all 2.179 polling stations, hence the need to appoint temporary staff to assist with the running of the elections. Seeletso also mentioned that the Central Transport Organisation, Local Authorities and individual election officers have responded positively to assisting the IEC with regard to transportation of election material and personnel to the polling stations, adding that the IEC is making special transportation arrangements for problematic areas such as the delta.
The closing number of registered voters, is 552.848, which includes 2.430 voters registered outside the country. (Mmegi/The Reporter, Gaborone)


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