November 11, 2004

German firm to support non-GMO crops export

FECO GmbH Irrigation Systems of Germany has partnered with a Zambian firm to supply irrigation equipment to over 20 Zambian emergent farmers to grow non-GMO crops for export to that country. The director of the local firm, MASCROP, Lianapu Mubita has announced that the deal under "Emergent Farmers Support Project" sought to assist small-scale farmers who grew cash crops. According to him, GMO free produce fetched higher prices and had big markets in Europe and other developed countries. He would be travelling to Germany next April for a two-week course before the distribution of the equipment could begin.
Meanwhile, Mr Mubita has said under the "Emergent Farmers Support Project" his organisation would work with several other organisations to supply farmers in Chibombo with market and inputs. He said that farmers would be given inputs on credit, contract markets, warehouse receipt system, mechanisations of farms, training, and exchange visits and livestock development. (The Times of Zambia, Ndola)


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