December 4, 2004

Frelimo candidate wins elections by far

There are still no official final results, but Radio Mozambique has now counted more than 45 per cent of the vote, and Armando Guebuza has passed one million votes. Afonso Dhlakama has not
quite reached 400,000.
The full results of the Radio Mozambique count, as of 22.00 on Saturday, Dec 4, are: Armando Guebuza (Frelimo) 1,007,465, Afonso Dhlakama (Renamo) 397,053. It can fairly be assumed, therefore, that the candidate put forward by the ruling Frelimo Party, has won Presidential elections in Mozambique by far.
In press conferences on Saturday, the European Union, the Carter Center, and the Electoral Institute of Southern Africa were all effusive in their praise for the voting days and the count within the polling stations. They cited the enthusiasm of the young staff and the careful way they carried out their jobs. Former US President Jimmy Carter called the polling station staff "very very good". All praised the high levels of competence and noted the gender balance, with many women as polling station presidents (presiding officers).
Carter Center observers visited 991 polling stations and found significant problems in only two. A polling station in Quelimane closed mysteriously for part of one day. A polling station in Mossuril district, Nampula province opened but no one but polling station staff could vote because it did not have a registration book; repeated contacts with STAE were to no avail, so no ordinary voters voted. This confirms reports that in addition to the 37 polling stations which CNE announced on Friday had not opened, mainly due to rain, there are others which opened but where no one voted because of the lack of a register or the wrong register. (MOZAMBIQUE POLITICAL PROCESS BULLETIN, Editor Joseph Hanlon)


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