January 1, 2005

President confirms elections for 2006

The President of the Republic Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has reaffirmed the holding of the next general elections in 2006 by saying that “the Angolans will be called to the ballots in order to exert their right of votes freely and choose a competitive electoral process, their legitimate representatives". The president reminded that that would be a historical moment of great responsibility, for Angolans will make fundamental options with regard to the future of the country. Thus, he considered that, still in 2005, there was open room for dialogue and debate that helped defend and define some parameters to shape in general terms of the future. "I mention a set of principles, ideas, values and of long-term objectives in which all Angolans mirror themselves and that could constitute a compromise of the political class on the future of Angola", said the statesmen in his message at the yearend. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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