January 12, 2005

Cabinet approves socio-economic programmes for ten provinces

The Cabinet Council's Standing Commission has passed the 2005/2006 programmes meant to fight hunger and poverty in Benguela, Huambo, Moxico, Kwanza-Sul, Lunda-Sul, Lunda-Norte, Cabinda, Malanje, Bie and Huila provinces. According to a communiqué issued at the ordinary session, the package of actions, that integrates the different provincial programmes, "is part of the Government General Programme for 2005/2006 period, and aims to improve and increase the basic services and goods delivered to the population, thus creating the basis for the building of an integrated and self-sustained national economy. However, the approved programmes constitute a fundamental instrument for the local governance which will enable to face up the needs of the population through the rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructures for the increase of basic services and goods offered to the population and the creation of jobs.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Planning, Ana Dias Lourenço, told that each one of these provinces would, during the 2005/2006 period, have to privilege the execution of actions linked to the sectors of education, health, energy and water, agriculture, infrastructures, public works, among other fields. Mrs Lourenço stressed that these provincial governments would also develop actions that might stimulate and boost the economic activity in their respective provinces. The Planning Minister also recalled that in November 2004, the Standing Commission of the Cabinet Council had approved the programmes for the southern provinces of Namibe, Kuando-Kubango and Cunene.


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