May 19, 2005

Education minister dismissed

Malawi's minister of education has been sacked due to a public fund scandal, the office of the president and cabinet made has said through the state own national broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). The sacking of the minister follows his arrest by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) on allegations that he used public funds mounting to K165,550.00 for his wedding. Yusuf Mwawa was brought before senior resident magistrate. The charges brought against him ranged from abuse of office theft by public servant forgery and uttering false document. According to ACB director, Gustave Kaliwo, 14 witnesses shall testify against Mwawa. The court granted Mwawa a bail bond mounting to K 40,000.00 in kwacha. Mwawa will be required to report to ACB every Monday and surrender his passport and travel documents. (Business in Africa, Rivonia)


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