May 27, 2005

Germany prepares to pay N$160 million for reconciliation

The German government is prepared to support a long-term reconciliation programme to address the injustices of German colonial rule in Namibia about 100 years ago. Heidemarie Wiecczorek-Zeul, the Minister of Economic Co-operation and Development, has announced that Germany is willing to bankroll an "initiative for reconciliation" to the tune of N$160 million over a period of 10 years. The Minister made her announcement in a speech, when she and Bishop Zephania Kameeta received the Peter Beier Award of the Evangelical Church in North Rhine Westfalia, Germany. “The process of reconciliation now needs more action to make reconciliation in fact more tangible," the minister said. Talks with Namibian stakeholders and the Namibian Government were underway to create an initiative for reconciliation, she said. The funds that Germany is prepared to allocate will be used for development projects in areas mainly inhabited by Herero, Nama and Damara people. The reconciliation committee, including representatives of Namibian civil society and churches, will decide on criteria for the allocation of funds for projects. (The Namibian, Windhoek)


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