September 16, 2005

Cabinet operations renewed

Prime Minister Nahas Angula has announced a shake-up in the way Cabinet has conducted business since Independence, in an effort to speed up decision-making and Government action. Cabinet will now only meet every second week, decisions will be certified immediately and action letters sent to Government Ministries and Offices within 24 hours of the meeting - making it possible for a public announcement on Cabinet decisions within 30 hours of being taken. Further, Cabinet committees have been reduced from nine to seven and will now become the first port of call for submissions before they are presented to Cabinet for a decision.

The move, he said, was primarily in response to President Hifikepunye Pohamba's call for more efficient service delivery, and to ensure that available resources are utilised economically and that Government receives adequate returns from its efforts. Angula said the new measures would be implemented on a trial basis until at least the end of the year, when an assessment would be made on whether Cabinet's work had been enhanced. "If it is found that the new measures do not meet expectations, Cabinet will have to look at other measures to address better governance," said Angula. (The Namibian, Windhoek)


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