September 27, 2005

Government committed to sustainable tourism

The government is committed to developing sustainable tourism, in accordance with local capacities, and with a continual reduction in transaction costs, declared Tourism Minister Fernando Sumbana. According to him, about 33,000 people are currently employed in tourism activities. He praised the businesses that are creating more jobs by investing in the tourism sector, which he regarded as important for the fight against poverty. But he called on the local authorities to play their role in creating the conditions within which tourism can flourish. "It's necessary that the provincial government continues to improve the conditions for tourism, particularly as regards access roads to tourist resorts, notably Ponta de Ouro (a beach resort near the border with the South African province of Kwazulu-Natal)", said Sumbana. "Tourism requires good quality transport". "We must continue developing infrastructures such as roads, and water supply and electricity networks, so that through tourism we can continue to expand employment", he urged. (Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique, Maputo)


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