October 26, 2005

Mogae criticises Africa’s Security Council stance

President Festus has criticised Africa's position on the reform of the United Nation's Security Council, saying its "all or nothing" approach was inappropriate given opposition from other countries. Efforts to reform the 15-member Security Council failed earlier this year, largely due to opposition from existing permanent members and competition between countries and regional groups. Africa demanded two permanent members with veto rights on an expanded council. "While we support the original African position on the reform of the Security Council, it is our considered opinion that the all or nothing approach is inappropriate in the circumstances," Mogae said in a speech to a joint sitting of neighbour South Africa's parliament.

South Africa is contesting for one of the Africa seats on the council that decides on global war and peace, sanctions and peacekeeping. “As a small country, we are perhaps more reconciled, more accustomed than others to being satisfied with half a loaf, until next time," he said. (Rts)


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