November 17, 2005

Significant changes in education announced

Education Minister Naledi Pandor has announced that the Education Laws Amendment Bill 2005 would introduce significant changes to the current education law to accelerate positive progress in the sector. According to her, the first change would concern school fees that were obligatory in terms of the current law. "On commencement of the Act, public schools will be prevented from charging parents any registration, administration or other fees in addition to school fees," she said. The Bill also introduces support to schools in acting speedily against ill-disciplined learners who pose a threat to their counterparts as well as educators. "Recently, members will have read in the press, there have been horrifying examples of bad behaviour, and schools have been unable to act because our laws did not allow for action against severely disruptive learners," she said.
A further change provides for amendments to current procedure in recommending candidates for employment as teachers, she said. Added to that, instead of recommending only one of the interviewed candidates in the appointment of teachers, school governing bodies will be required to present three in order of preference. (Bua News, Tshwane)


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