October 26, 2006

Cabinet Council approves special statute for Cabinda

The Cabinet Council approved the Special Statute for Cabinda Province that follows the establishment of peace and national reconciliation in that northern region of Angola.
The Special Statute, according to a press note from the meeting that was addressed by the Angolan Head of State, Josť Eduardo dos Santos, "establishes the general basis of organisation, attributions, functioning and regulating power of the local Administration of the State in Cabinda Province". This statute also aims at guaranteeing the province's development for its proper integration in the national territory, in the ambit of the reinforcement of fraternity and solidarity ties between all regions of the country, adds the note.
The session also approved the General Protocol of Co-operation of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP), in the field of Defence, foreseeing the strengthening of peace and security in the context of good political relations as an essential factor for a fruitful co-operation that promotes the reinforcement of solidarity ties between Member States. (Angola News Agency, Luanda)


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