May 18, 2007

New syllabus under fire in Children's Parliament

Members of the new Children's Parliament criticised Government for bad organisation when it introduced a new school syllabus for Grade 11 in 2007. Many schools have not received the new books yet, while teachers resorted to teaching the old curriculum for lack of textbooks.
"It will affect the pass rates of Grade 11 learners," criticised Simon Victorino, member of the Parliament. "At our schools we also have few books for the other grades, eight learners in Grade 10 must share one book," he added und urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to visit schools in order to provide learners with identity documents. Sirrka Nangolo noted that the Education Ministry appeared to have been "a bit hasty" to implement the new syllabus. "They should have first put everything together, including the textbooks for all schools, before introducing the syllabus this year," she told the House. The Children's Parliament has 26 youthful MPs, two from each region. (The Namibian, Windhoek)


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