May 28, 2007

New legal framework should consider chieftains' role, says minister

The elaboration of the new legal and juridical framework should consider the population's trust in chieftains to solve their conflicts, informed Justice minister, Manuel Arag„o.
According to him, in the country, a large part of the population in rural areas did not solve their problems in court, attributing this duty to traditional authorities. "We need to learn from these authorities, intensifying dialogue so as to create a healthy spirit, of sharing experience and teaching", stated the minister.
Arag„o said that his Ministry foresaw the implementation of the conciliation and mediation, with alternative methods for conflicts settlement, due to the advantages it offered in the access to justice, with each Angolan citizen having the opportunity to be aware of his social active role. For the effect, he stressed as important the existence of Cabinet Council's Resolution, published in 2006, which urges public companies to settle their conflicts through arbitration (and not through the law), when the friendly solution is not possible. To Arag„o, with those means, the Angolan citizen would learn to co-operate with his neighbour in the solving of various conflicts. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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