July 16, 2007

Parliament has passed ten laws in 2006/2007 legislative year

The work of the Angolan National Assembly in the 2006/2007 legislative period resulted in the creation 10 legal diplomas amongst which there is the Amnesty Law for crimes against State Security carried out during and in the ambit of the conflict in the northern Cabinda Province, the Juridical Status of Foreigners, the Housing Foment Law and the Atomic Energy Law. In the same period, the National Assembly passed 38 resolutions, among them the ratification of the African Union Convention on Prevention and Fight against corruption, Kyoto Protocol on climate changes and the accord between the governments of Angola and Namibia, on exemption of visas for diplomatic, service and ordinary passports. The Angolan parliament also approved the election of the members of the municipal electoral offices and a resolution that authorises the Executive to legislate on the special customs tariffs for Cabinda.
The report of activities relating to this period also highlights the participation of Angolan parliamentarians in 88 official events abroad, among them conferences, international seminars, meetings of specialised organisms in Africa and the United Nations. The report also mentions that about 23 parliamentary staff participated in trainings abroad. The legislative period started on 15 October 2006 and ended in July 15 2007. (Angola Press Agency, Luanda)


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