November 15, 2007

New opposition party to be launched

Namibians can expect another political party before the end of 2007. The party will be known as the Namibia People's Party (NPP) from Kavango Region. According to media reports, the former Congress of Democrats (CoD) secretary general and Member of Parliament, Ignatius Shixwameni, would be the mastermind behind the party. The party mobilisers are believed to have collected over 4000 names and signatures, a figure far higher than the required 500 to register a party. "The party is going to be there before the end of this year," said one mobiliser.
"A lot of people are demanding to sign for the new party. The majority of the people feel they have lost hope in our colleagues, especially those whom we thought could make a difference." The official also dismissed the idea that the NPP would be formed along tribal lines. "We want to cover all corners of the country. The only thing that is wrong is that people think that this is an Okavango people's party. It is a national party. There are those who are mobilising in the south, east, west, while we are here. "Other parties such as NUDO, UDF and Swanu are tribal. Most of them get seats here in the Kavango Region, but you will not find any Kavango in their top structures. Even the new party, Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), is tribal. It is formed only by Kwanyamas and Ndongas. Swapo Party is the only party where you will find Kavangos in top structures. MAG got a seat here, but never campaigned in the region." Ignatius Shixwameni refused to comment on plans to start a new party when approached. (The Namibian, Windhoek)


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