April 4, 2008

US-Berman legislation lifts stigma against ANC

US-Congressman Howard L. Berman, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has introduced legislation to remove a government-imposed stigma against membership in the African National Congress of South Africa, which fought against Apartheid, by removing from any U.S. databases any notation that would characterize the ANC and its leaders as terrorists. “It is shameful that the United States still treats the ANC this way based solely on its designation as a terrorist organization by the old Apartheid South African regime,” Berman said. “Amazingly, Nelson Mandela still needs to get a special waiver to enter the United States based on his courageous leadership of the ANC. What an indignity. This legislation will wipe it away.”

“The ANC sets an important example: It successfully made the change from armed struggle to peace,” Berman noted. “We should celebrate this transformation, and not continue a policy that is nearly two decades out of touch with reality. No one should be prohibited from entering the United States simply because of ANC membership.”

The Berman bill (H.R. 5690) effectively removes current and former African National Congress members from our country’s travel and terrorism watch lists. (US-Congress, Washington)


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