4. April 2009

Durban court frees Zuma of charges. African National Congress (ANC) president Jacob Zuma was officially free of his corruption charges on Tuesday.

The High Court in Durban endorsed a decision taken by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to drop the 16 charges against the presidential frontrunner, who was seen smiling as the decision was confirmed.
Zuma's daughter Duduzile, wearing a bright yellow jacket, was inside court videotaping her father's big moment.
Judge president Vuka Tshabalala said all charges against the three accused were withdrawn.
This included charges against two Thint companies, who were the co-accused.
The charges had related to allegations of bribery between the arms company and Zuma.
Tshabalala said when charges are withdrawn they could be reinstated again, however, he stressed that it was unlikely.
He spoke briefly on the publicity surrounding the case and stressed that all proper procedure had been followed.
After the judge's pronouncement that Zuma was officially free from the eight-year legal burden, his supporters in court burst into applause. (Sapa)


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