15. April 2009

Head of State Recommends Creation of Conditions for Citizens

Luanda — Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, considered as important the National Housing Progeramme, the creation of conditions indispensable to the material and spiritual wellbeing of all citizens, with a view to their progressive economic and social evolution.
"In this particular aspect, housing has to be looked at as part of a policy of territory organisation, aimed at improving the living of the urban and rural populations and rationalising the public investments", said the head of State José Eduardo dos Santos was speaking on Monday at the opening of the first National Conference on Housing.
He said on the occasion that all decisions on big and important projects must be taken through a thorough analysis of the various options and modalities, with the public allocation of reference elements and a deep discussion with the specialists and the civil society.
"One issue that has been much discussed and on which we must think over at this forum, is the matter of the cost of the construction," said José Eduardo dos Santos, who came up with proposals for the National Programme on Housing.
First. Promotion of undertakings that permit the application of advanced techniques of industrialised construction.
Second. Adoption of an evolving housing philosophy that enables tenant to budget investments over the time.
Third. Increment of construction and guided self-construction on the basis of well structured projects that respond both to our needs and to the factors of cultural identity, so the populations do not reject the houses they are provided with.
On the other hand, the president considered as fundamental that the combination between tradition and modernity are respected, so that the estate registration of the past can co-exist with the vanguard architectonic and urban solutions. (Angolapress)


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