UDF Launches Its Manifesto

Christof Maletsky- THE United Democratic Front launched their election manifesto in Windhoek on Saturday, calling on the electorate to "give up on liberation veterans to retire" and to open the way for "upcoming real leaders".

The party's veteran leader, Justus //Garob, said change was "inevitable and possible in Namibia" but people needed to be at the heart of democracy and development.

He said the UDF manifesto was "the best contract" that entitled all Namibians to democratic governance and development.

In the manifesto the UDF promises to achieve "most of what is aimed for in Vision 2030 within the next five years".

The party calls for "new content, ideas and behaviour in politics" and an inclusive Government which serves all, regardless of differences in opinion, race, wealth, colour and sex.

If elected to Government, the party promises to combine the National Assembly and National Council to have one Parliament with 98 members, arguing that MPs who are not elected directly by the people are "freelancing" and do not feel accountable to the people and their needs.

The party also promises to appoint more Police officers to patrol the streets of towns and villages, and says people younger than 18 years will not be permitted to roam around in the evenings.

With //Garob - 67 years old in December - as head of the party, the UDF intends to use three per cent of the country's N$26 billion national budget for the next five years to create jobs.

"UDF does not only want to create jobs but aims to create a conducive environment which supports self-development," the party said.

In the 21-page document the party also promises to give basic income grants (BIG) of N$350 a month to all unemployed people as a way to reduce poverty. (ALL AFRICA)


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