Khama Replaces BDP Furniture

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has replaced the three officials who resigned from the central committee last week.

Lobatse deputy mayor, Malebogo Kruger has succeeded the resigned Wynter Mmolotsi as BDP deputy secretary, while Lentsweletau legislator Moeng Pheto, councillors Tidimalo Motlhose, France van Westhuizen and BDP Women's Wing vice-chairperson Sylvia Muzila were unanimously co-opted into the central committee as additional members. Kruger has been an additional central committee member.

The new additional members replace Kabo Morwaeng and Guma Moyo, who resigned last week with Mmolotsi on principle. The fourth slot for an additional member became vacant after Thato Kwerepe succeeded the suspended Gomolemo Motswaledi as BDP secretary general.

Together with Motswaledi, Morwaeng, Mmolotsi and Moyo have been prominent figures in the Barata-Phathi faction of the BDP. Some of their replacements have been associated with the A-Team faction, supported by President Ian Khama.

The likes of Kruger were roped into the BDP central committee as an additional member by Khama after the A-Team was trounced at the Kanye congress.

Highly placed sources in the BDP have said three people were picked to replace the Barata-Phathi members who resigned. While Pheto, Van Westhuizen and Muzila were unanimously co-opted into the central committee as additional members Kruger had to slug out with Leach Tlhomelang. It was a no contest as Kruger won 9-2.

Pheto is a known A-team member, while Muzila was identified with the Barata-Phathi in the Women's Wing elections this year.

Right now it is not clear where she falls after it was said she was gravitating towards the A-Team after the Kanye congress. It is also not clear where the loyalties of Van Westhuizen and Motlhose lie. Meanwhile BDP executive secretary Comma Serema has said the party retreat slated for early December for central committee members and leaders from the constituency and branch levels has been postponed indefinitely.

He said the leadership feels it will be too soon for the newly co-opted members, who need time to familiarise themselves with their new roles to attend the retreat. However, Serema has said that the central committee will meet on the first Monday of next month. (All Africa)


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