Harare Poll Results Stand, Says Zanu-PF

Harare — ZANU-PF acting political commissar Cde Richard Ndlovu has said last week's Harare provincial chairman poll results are likely to stand despite Cde Hubert Nyanhongo's bid to have the results nullified over alleged "irregularities" and "vote-buying".

In party elections carried out on Saturday, Zanu-PF provincial chairman Cde Amos Midzi retained his post after garnering 1 052 votes against Cde Nyanhongo's 807.

However, Cde Nyanhongo petitioned Zanu-PF national chairman Cde John Nkomo seeking nullification of the poll because of what he said were "anomalies" in the run-up to the poll and on voting day.

Cde Ndlovu acknowledged that Cde Nyanhongo had written several petitions challenging the restructuring exercise while, on the other hand, the ad hoc committee tasked with conducting the restructuring exercise cleared the process.

"It's true he (Cde Nyanhongo) wrote several petitions expressing his displeasure at the way the restructuring exercise was done but, on the other hand, the ad hoc committee said everything was done procedurally and, thus, the election had to proceed," he said.

"The result is most likely to stand because he contested, but if he had not, his argument would have carried weight. Now it is very difficult to nullify that result after both candidates contested."

Cde Ndlovu, who supervised the poll, dismissed allegations of vote-buying, saying he had never heard of it and added that everything was done transparently.

Speaking on ZBC News on Monday night, Cde Midzi dismissed Cde Nyanhongo's assertions, saying if he knew there were anomalies he should not have contested at all.

"Cde Nyanhongo is just being a crybaby. Even in football you cannot play 90 minutes and extra time and then lose in the penalty shootouts and then after that cry foul, saying you knew the game was not going to be fair. If he knew there was not going to be a level playing field, he should just have stayed away from it," Cde Midzi said.

In a separate interview yesterday, Cde Nyanhongo was adamant that he would not recognise the poll outcome.

"If our leadership is sincere with its people, they are going to come up with a positive decision. We shall continue having parallel Harare provinces until things are sorted out," he said.

"We are not accepting the results and we are not going to accept them. All we want is the verification of districts to be done.

"We made a mistake by using new districts other than those we used on December 14. Zanu-PF is an old party experienced in politics, we should show that we are big guys in the game. Everything we do should be exemplary," Cde Nyanhongo said. (All Africa)


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