July 27, 2010

Vice-President woos more chinese investors

Vice-President George Kunda has called for more Chinese investments in Zambia, saying there are still many areas in the economy that need massive investments. Kunda said the Government encouraged more potential investors from China to seize the opportunity offered by Zambia's investor-friendly atmosphere to come and explore other viable business opportunities available in Zambia. Moreover he said the Government was encouraging the establishment of joint venture projects between Zambian and Chinese business organisations to jointly exploit the abundant national resources available in Zambia.

According to him, Zambia was grateful that through bilateral interactions, the country would be able to tap into the Chinese experience in economic transformation as she endeavours to achieve her transformation of becoming a prosperous middle-income nation by the year 2030. Finally, the Vice-President stressed that the implementation of these agreements would not only help in creating the much-needed employment for the people of Zambia but also help in protecting the Chinese investments in the country. (Times of Zambia)


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