August 26, 2010

Global march for democracy in Swaziland

A global march in support of democracy in Swaziland will be held on September 6th – the country’s Independence Day. Unions all around the world are organizing marches to condemn the abuse of human and trade unions rights in the country. Swaziland is a land-locked country of 1.1 million people in Southern Africa. It is ruled by a king-dictator who has subjected the country to a state of emergency for the past 37 years. Political parties are banned, political and civic activists are imprisoned, and the judiciary and media are controlled by king-dictator.

The march – known as the Swazi Democracy March – is being organized to put pressure on the country to allow free political parties and respect international labour laws. For more information about the march visit the web site of Action Southern Africa: (RadioLabour)


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