October 13, 2010

Prime minister fires four ministers

Prime minister Mosisili, prime minister since 1998, has fired four of his ministers and a deputy, which is the first major cabinet reshuffle in nine years. The ministers of trade and industry, tourism, agriculture, and forestry and the deputy minister of education were replaced by supporters of the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy who are seen as loyal to Mosisili.

The sacking has triggered speculation that an increase in factional infighting within the leadership of the party led to the shake-up. This is the first major reshuffle by Mosisili since 2001, when he fired his deputy, Kelebone Maope. Mosisili’s party has been fighting a bitter dispute with opposition parties, which accuse it of taking more seats in parliament than it actually won in a 2007 election. (SADOCC)


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