December 13, 2010

President in racist outburst against San, says NGO

Botswana’s president has described the Kalahari San as "primeval", "primitive" and "backward", reports the NGO Survival International. According to the report, President Khama, while speaking at the country’s largest diamond mine, accused the San of living a "life of backwardness", "a primitive life of deprivation co-existing alongside wild animals", and "a primeval life of a bye gone era of hardship and indignity".
Khama also accused Survival of "embarking upon a campaign of lies and misinformation", calling the tribal rights organization "modern day highway robbers".

Before, the Government of Botswana had already expressed concern over what it called insidious media articles by the London based Human Rights Organization, Survival International promoting the boycott of Botswana diamonds and tourism. So far, there are no official answers to current report by Survival Internationa. (Survial International/SADOCC)


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