January 24, 2011

Electoral commission director sacked for exposing graft

Zambia's electoral commission director head was sacked after he revealed corruption activities at the institution. Employees have staged a work-stoppage demanding the resignation of the chairperson. Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) commissioners fired the institution's director Dan Kalale without giving reasons though Mr Kalale claims his sacking was due to his refusal to tolerate graft and opposing the 'irregular' engagement of an auditing firm - KPMG - to audit the ECZ at a cost of about $208, 000 without following government tender procedure.

Mr Kalale told journalists that he would report ECZ chairperson Justice Florence Mumba and other commissioners to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and other law enforcement agencies to probe their alleged irregular engagement of KPMG without his knowledge as director and other corruption activities at the electoral body.

According to the Auditor General Anna Chifungula's letter to Mr Kalale, which the latter availed to the media, she stated: "You are directed to rescind this [KPMG audit] contract as it is irregular on account of contravention of the laws of Zambia."

However, Justice Mumba challenged Mr Kalale to report her to law enforcers to investigate the corruption allegations against her for "the truth to come out". ECZ employees staged a work-stoppage on Monday demanding the resignation of Ms Mumba - a Supreme Court Judge - and commissioners, whom they accuse of failing to improve their conditions of service. (Daily Nation)


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