March 5, 2011

MPLA Politburo approves statement on country's political moment

The Politburo of the ruling MPLA party approved a declaration about the political moment facing the country, in which it exhorts the Angolans to raise the vigilance levels in order to hamper people from disturbing the democratic process and delay the efforts on course for the improvement of the people living quality. The information is part of the final communiqué issued at the second ordinary meeting of this partisan organ, held under the chair of the president of MPLA, José Eduardo dos Santos. The Politburo also called on the militants, sympathisers and friends of MPLA, not to respond, at any circumstance, to any sort of provocations, and resort always when it is necessary, to the competent organs of the State, aiming at respecting the Law and re-establish the public order and tranquillity.

A day after the approval, the ruling party was rallying more than 20.000 pro-government protesters to march in the country's capital in response to anonymous calls for anti-government demonstrations. Calls for anti-government protests for Monday have been circulating the internet, but no opposition leaders have endorsed the plan. (ANGOP/SADOCC)


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