May 17, 2011

ILO: Progress in favour of children

The representative of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Tomás Vera Cruz, congratulated the Angolan Government on the progress achieved in favour of children and their full development. According to the ILO official, the effort of Angolan Government in favour of children has been outstanding in education and reduction of maternal-infant death.

Tomas Cruz said that the event that is being attended by Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) representatives is important and significant as the eradication of child labour remains a fundamental challenge in the development of each country and a priority for all. He mentioned that according to a report from the Global Conference on Child Labour of Hague, in 2011, more than 215 million in the world are subject to labour, with half of them believed to be confronted with the worst forms of child labour. He stated that in Africa south of Sahara, about 58 million children are in situation of child labour.

The official highlighted that children are the ones that suffer most and the families pay the burden, with the society suffering the ultimate consequences of the problem. For this reason, the CPLP member countries have adopted the Lisbon Declaration on child labour in the Portuguese speaking countries and in Guinea Bissau.

Tomas Cruz spoke of the importance of the planning and implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the national action plans of each country in order not to put at stake the coming generations as a result of child labour. (ILO)


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