July 22, 2011

Museum workers back at work

All museum workers countrywide have called off their protest following a meeting with Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources Permanent Secretary Peter Mumba. National Museum Board executive secretary Flexon Mizinga said all museum workers throughout Zambia had resumed work as the Government was addressing their concerns. Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mr Mizinga said the various concerns were presented to Mr Mumba after which the workers resumed work.

The workers, who belong to the University of Zambia and Allied Workers Union, also demanded for the resignation of Mr Mizinga, saying no salary increment had been awarded to them over the last five years. Other demands are that negotiations for the year 2011 be concluded so that employees could have a collective agreement in place. According to a letter addressed to Mr Mumba and copied to Tourism Minister Catherine Namugala and Mr Mizinga, the workers had urged the Government to revisit its funding policy to grant-aided institutions. "We call upon the Government to revisit its funding policy to grant-aided institutions and ensure that they are able to meet basic requirements such as funeral grants. "Surely, if we cannot bury our dead in dignity as an institution, then we are a dead organisation," the letter states in part. The workers also demanded that the newly-created Department of Museum Development and Marketing be closed and the resources allocated to this wing be channelled to other operations of the museum. (Times of Zambia)


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