September 15, 2011

Opposition sets new protest date

Barely a day after announcing its withdrawal from United Nations facilitated dialogue, Malawi civil Society organisations have announced that there will be protests on September 21. Civil society groups cited President Bingu wa Mutharika's outbursts at public functions against civil society leaders and his war threats coupled with the continued torching of houses and offices belonging to human rights defenders for the pulling out of the UN facilitated dialogue. United Nations resident representative in Malawi Richard Dictus has since condemned the continuing attacks on civil society organisations saying it was detrimental to the body's effort to bring the two groups together. "The attacks by whosoever are not healthy for the dialogue," he said.

Human Rights Consultative Committee board member entrusted with the organising of the September 21 protests Billy Mayaya said: "The state of affairs now is that we're going ahead with our planned September 21 vigil as we're no longer participating in the UN dialogue." Mayaya said the protests aimed at registering their discontent against the current government's political and economic governance. (Daily Nation)


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