September 29, 2011

Cash transfer scheme to be introduced

Zimbabwe has launched a $75m plan to protect orphans and vulnerable children over the next three years. The money will come from the Zimbabwean government and donors, including the UK, the European Commission and the UN children’s agency, Unicef. Some $45m of the money for a child protection fund has been raised from donors, leaving a $30m shortfall that will need to be covered before full national coverage can be ensured.The scheme is part of a national action plan for orphans and vulnerable children that involves education assistance, child protection and cash transfers to the poorest families.

Cash transfers have been tried with some success in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. Zimbabwe is the latest country to adopt this approach. The four-year plan, officially launched on Tuesday, aims to reach more than 80,000 households.With the support of NGOs, at least 25,000 children are expected to benefit from access to child protection services. Child-headed households, grandparent-headed households, households with large numbers of dependents, and those with chronically ill or disabled people will receive cash transfers of up to $25 each month for food and healthcare. (sapa)


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