November 27, 2011

Malema moves on to cattle farming

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema admitted that he wa"finished politically" and intendedo take on cattle farming. "I have 20 cattle now. We will breed them, take them to the abattoir, slaughter them and then sell the meat. Now I am finished politically. They are saying I am suspended and all that," Malema said. He also claimed that certain members of the ruling party had a "predetermined" agenda against him and the league's leadership. "Others could no longer hold back their irritation. Others were no longer able to tolerate us, but others just feared change. Change in policy [and] change in leadership," he said. Firthermore, he stressed that he welcomed investigations into his business dealings because it revealed who his enemies were. He also refused to provide details on the deals. "I am involved in many businesses," he said.

Malema and five other league leaders were found guilty and sanctioned by the ANC's national disciplinary committee (NDC) two weeks ago. He was given a five-year suspension and told to vacate his position as president. In the meantime, Malema filed an appeal against the suspension. (Sunday Times)


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