November 28, 2011

Governement mends ‘burnt bridges’ with Angola

Parliament heard that relations between Zambia and Angola have normalised after President Michael Sata sent First Republican president, Kenneth Kaunda, to apologise over what the previous MMD regime did to that country. Furthermore, Parliament also approved estimates of expenditure for the Office of the President, State House and those for the Vice-President’s Office.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, said he recently went to Angola where he held talks with an Angolan minister who assured him that Angola was now ready to cooperate with Zambia after the head of State apologised. Mr Kambwili was responding to complaints by Zambezi West MP, Charles Kakoma, (UPND) who said that Mr Sata was wrong to tell the nation that there was tension between Zambia and Angola over what the previous regime did to that country. Mr Kakoma said that people in his constituency were now living in fear following remarks from Mr Sata that there was tension between the two countries. But Mr Kambwili maintained that Mr Sata was right to inform the nation that there was tension between the two countries. He said Zambia needed to apologise to Angola for the wrongs it did, hence the move by Mr Sata to send Dr Kaunda as his special envoy. “MMD had a problem with Angola and we apologised and now the relations are good,” Mr Kambwili said. (Lusaka Times)


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