Febraury 2, 2012

Trade with China rises to 11.5 percent

Trades between Angola and China increased by 11.5 percent in 2011, corresponding to USD 24.88 billion, which ranks Angola as the second biggest Chinese partner among the Portuguese-speaking countries. This is contained in a statistics released by the Support Office to Permanent Secretariat of Macau Forum. The source puts an increase of more than 9.12 percent in comparison to 2010, while the purchases stood at USD 2.78 billion, over 38.82 percent comparing to the previous year. On the other hand, the restricted statistics point out that trading between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries rose to 28.2 percent in 2011, in relation to 2010, in an order of USD 117.2 billion. Whereas, Brazil remained as the main economic partner of China, with a volume of trade estimated at USD 84.5 billion (64.3 billion euros), more 35.2 percent than in 2010. (angop)


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