March 1, 2012

ANC expels Malema

Julius Malema has been expelled from the African National Congress and told to vacate his position as president of the ANC Youth League. According to the ruling party's national disciplinary committee (NDC), headed by Derek Hanekom, Malema has 14 days to appeal against the decision. In a statement, the committee said Malema had shown no remorse in his conduct and that he had continued to defy the organisation. "Comrade Malema is a repeat offender. He has now been found guilty of two serious offences in under two years whilst under suspension after his 2010 finding; has shown no remorse; is not prepared to be disciplined by the ANC and is not prepared to respect the disciplinary machinery of the organisation.''Based on Comrade Malema's own evidence, the NDC finds that Comrade Malema is, in effect, reneging on his membership oath and is not prepared to respect the ANC's constitution,'' it said.

After the statement, hundreds of ANC Youth League members gathered outside Malema's grandparents' home in Seshego, Limpopo, in support of the disgraced youth leader. But elsewhere in the township, a group carrying a mock coffin could be seen roaming the streets in celebration of Malema's demise. Malema said he had accepted the ANC's decision to expel him, but had not given up hope."I am a soldier who is prepared to die in battle. Even if I am expelled from the ANC, my blood will remain black, gold and green. I am prepared to do blood tests to prove that," he said.

The ANC called on its members to respect the findings and verdict.Malema's expulsion is expected to test president Jacob Zuma's leadership in the organisation as some within the youth league are determined to challenge his authority. (Mail & Guardian)


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